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In June 2013 we found a selected group of Fashion Army Officers. They are now close connected to us in regards to spotting trends, designing shoes and evaluating collections.

If you are curious, check out the officers here >>.

Fashion Army Panel

Finding the officers was the beginning of our Bianco Fashion Army. Next step is to find other inspiring and cool fashionistas to join the army as a panel member. This means joining a huge group of shoe-lovers in an online community. Your opinion and voice will matter here! We will from time to time post questions about shoes (details, colours, material etc.) which you can help decide what to do. You will of course also be informed about trends and new arrivals – given to you in your mailbox. So…

  • Do you always have an eye out for fashion?
  • Do you wanna know about shoe trends and new arrivals?
  • Do you want your vote to count regards Bianco shoes?

Sign up the Fashion Army Panel

(it is for free, and will only take your interest and commitment)